Welcome to a virtual tour of my Beacon Hill Dollhouse. You will be able to read all about the dollhouse on this tour. You can browse each room by clicking the links to the left. Once you're done with the tour, do not forget to view detailed photos of the miniatures inside, by visiting their gallery.

Meet Madeline, the owner of the house, with baby Emma.

Madeline is a very private lady that comes from a small family. Her mother passed away when she was a still a child and her father is a captain of one of the ocean liners of the White Star Line company. After the terrible sinking of the Titanic last year, her father was unsure what would happen with his career, because of all the bad publicity the company was receiving, but fortunately he was not relieved of his duties and the company persevered.

Madeline went to the best private schools so she is very well educated and she has plenty of etiquette. Her husband has been hired by her father to help navigate the huge ships. Once he has enough experience, he will be a captain himself. While her husband is away, Madeline spends time with the other ladies of the neighborhood and taking Emma on long walks.

The year is 1913 and Madeline’s world is rapidly changing around her. Natural disasters took their toll on the United States with the Ohio floods, California’s record breaking high temperatures and the Great Lakes Storm. Art is changing with the September Mom painting controversy and for the first time an income tax is imposed by the federal government. Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line, changing transportation forever and the modern zipper is invented, changing our garments forever. Gandhi is changing the world and Harriet Tubman dies but Rosa Parks is born.

Yes, this year will be one to remember, especially for Madeline. It’s the year she moves into the house of her dreams.